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Top 5 Beards In Rock and Roll

Nothing says rock and roll more than a beard. They just reek of coolness. But just having a beard obviously does not make you rock and roll. It takes a certain personality and style of beard to truly make you cool. That's why on this week's List, we dive face first into the top 5 best beards in rock.


5. Leon Russell

Legendary songwriter and arranger, Leon has always been the master of space and time. From his early days as a Mad Dog and Englishman with Joe Cocker to hanging with George Harrison, his beard was a masterwork.

He had a successful solo career and was rediscovered when he made a comeback album with Elton John, but through it all he maintained a beard, that is a site to behold, pretty sure Teen Wolf was based on that beard.


4. ZZ Top

Of course these guys are on the list, they've made a whole career out of their beards, Ironically enough the drummer is named Frank Beard and he is the only one who doesn't sport a beard.


3. The Doors

The lizard king's last years were spent as a fat slob, but he rocked a super cool beard, from the LA Woman album cover to his untimely death.


2. The Beatles


Beards and Beatles? Do they really go together? Darn tootin, at the end of their career together, the Beatles became Amish and sported some of the greatest beards ever! This is my favorite era of the Beatles.


1. Jerry Garcia

Whether it was psychedelic cowboy or a merry prankster, Jerry always sported a kick ass beard,

but it was Jerry's later days when he became the giant grey bearded triptastic teddy bear that everyone remembers him as. The beard is Jerry and Jerry is the beard.