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Top 5 Bands With Two Drummers

So I was watching a 38 Special video (yeah, I know, I have no idea why I was watching it either) and I realized they used to have 2 drummers. So I got a thinking, what is the point of having 2 drummers, I mean it looks cool as hell, but does it really change the sound? It doesn't seem to, to me at least. If anyone knows better feel free to drop me a line.


So as I was saying, I'm watching this video and thinking, are there five bands with 2 drummers that I can put on the latest installment of "The Lists"? Turns out there are and here it is....


5. Adam and The Ants

In the early days of The Ants, they indeed rocked two drummers. However when Adam dropped The Ants he also dropped the drummers.


4. 38 Special

Ahh..where this all began. So these wild eyed southern boys had two drummers for their most successful string of albums, but by 1987 one of the guys Steve Brookins, left the band leaving them with one drummer which sadly, they still use only one.


3. The Doobie Brothers

Before Michael McDonald cheesed the brothers out, they smoked, ha no pun intended. China Groove, Listen To The Music, Long Train Running, do I need to go on? Well I bet you didn't know they also had two drummers. Well they did and I'm happy to say they still do.


2. The Grateful Dead

From 1967 to 1971, The Dead had Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann on skins, alas Mickey left, but came back in 74. Leaving The Dead with two drummers for most of their fabled career.

1. The Allman Brothers

The Brothers, nuff said.