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Top 5 Summer Songs

It's 90 degrees out and Coney is rocking his Speedos, which can only mean one thing....Summertime is here. So let's rock out the top 5 summer time jams.

5. Summer Of 69


I mean who didn't buy their first six string over at the five and dime. Before BA started to write nothing but movie ballads for awful movies, he rocked with this awesome tribute to those crazy summer days.


4. Summer Breeze


This song just gets my mellow on. Whenever I hear it, I find myself laying on a blanket, with the wind blowing and my bag of, uh what was I talking about?


3. In The Summertime


This goofy one hit wonder is so catchy, so toe tapping, you really don't mind just how stupid the song really is and what the fuck is a Mungo anyway?


2. Summertime Blues



This record has been a hit in three different decades, but It's The Who's version that puts all others to shame. The classic ode to bummersville.


1. Summer In The City


From the first note, this song just puts you right in the middle summer, even if it's 20 below out. Lovin Spoonful's masterpiece about looking for love in the hot, stinky city.