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I don't know how it happened, maybe Keith sobering up had something to do with it. I don't why it happened, possibly Mick's constant bitching about not be able to be a solo artist could have triggered it. But I do know when it happened...
It was 1983, the year the greatest band in the history of rock and roll, The band I worshiped and loved, The Rolling Stones started to officially suck. They had just signed a huge deal to CBS Records and had released their first album, "Undercover" and man, did it blow ass. After 12 near perfect records starting with 1968's "Beggars Banquet" and ending with 1981's "Tattoo You", the streak came to a crashing halt. It was as if all their creative magic was just sucked out of them. 
If you need further proof, I suggest you check out their next turd of an album, 1986's Dirty Work. This embarrassment of an album was so bad, it actually broke The Stones up. I mean look at the album cover, The Stones in pastels??? WTF? When Mick and Keith finally reached a cease fire, the next album continued their downward spiral of sucktitude. 1989's Steel Wheels. 

For their next album 1994's Voodoo Lounge a few songs were mediocre at best, but the glory had certainly faded. The irony behind all these sucky albums was that their live shows were amazing. Full on balls to the walls performances.

The tours were the highest grossing tours of all time. You would think some of this live mojo, would rub off on them in the studio, you would of course, be wrong.

Up next was 1997's "Bridges To Babylon" followed by 2005's "A Bigger Bang", amazing tours horrible albums. So I got to thinking, yeah there are some OK songs here and there, even a few good ones, but are there 5 great ones. In the last 30 years have The Rolling Stones been able to muster up 5 great songs. I dug deep, I listened to all those shitastic albums and even the four new songs from The 40 Licks compilation in search of greatness. Let me tell you, it was not easy, it was actually pretty f'n hard, which proves my initial point. 

Well after hours of ear bleeding, I actually did it, I found five great Stones songs from the past 30 years and believe you, me! There was literally only 5 great ones. Incidentally, three of the five are from Keith, say what you will about that.

You Got Me Rocking-Voodoo Lounge

Even though the lyrics are comically stupid, "i was a pitcher down in a slump, i was a fighter taken for a sucker punch, i was a hooker loosing her looks, i was a writer can't write another book". Oh boy, this is the same guy who wrote Jumpin Jack Flash? Regardless the chorus is amazingly catchy and live this song is a show stopper with the stadium shaking.

The Worst-Voodoo Lounge

A super simple and short song. This acoustic country twang complete with fiddle, steel peddle and dobro is only 2:22. However when Mick and Keith harmonize together on the chorus it's pure joy and you see a glimpse of the old magic and you think, why can't there be more songs like this.

This Place Is Empty-A Bigger Bang

Again Keith takes the acoustic route, but adds the piano for some flavor, however it's Mick who adds the juice, with his slide guitar playing and harmonies on the chorus that give you goose bumps. 

Thru and Thru-Voodoo Lounge 

This song is strictly a Keith jam, a slow simmering pulse pounder. Once Charlie and the background singers kick it into gear, it takes this nasty groove to another level that only Keith can take you to.

She Was Hot-Undercover

This may be the last great Stones song ever. It could easily fit on Tattoo You, Emotional Rescue or even Some Girls. It sounds like a Stones song, although the other songs on this list I think are great, they really don't have that genuine Stones sound. When you hear She Was Hot, you realize this is The Stones that I loved and it actually makes you sad, that everything after this song is almost all garbage.