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The Who
Track-I Don't Even Know Myself
Album-The Who's Next (Remastered Extended Edition)

Old timey honky tonk piano, Check. Slide guitar with a country feel, Check. An insane chorus with Keith Moon rocking the spoons, Check. This is a Who song??? Check indeed. This lost nugget is unbelievable. The Who's, B-Sides and Lost Tracks are better than 99% of all the music that has an ever been released. This song didn't even make it onto The Who's outtake album Odds and Sods, as well as the remastered reissue. How???

 No idea, Because this has it all, Kicking it off is a wicked harmonica solo, right on cue Moon comes crashing in, with Roger's pitch perfect voice, Pete starts it with an acoustic guitar, then just shreds his fingers and your spine, when he plugs in, but then out of nowhere the chorus kicks in with some ragtime piano, Moon doing some slow cow poke grind with his drum sticks and a hook that will leave you humming it for the rest of the day. Add a dash of Pete on slide guitar and bam!!!!!! (Sorry Emeril) You have a spicy hot rock nugget.