Where Classic Rock Lives...Barely!!!




Disco had it's place, hell even we dig old school disco. So when it took over the world for a few years in the 70's, You had to give into your inner Village People, well maybe not that far, but you did have to embrace satin and roller skates. Now if you were a big rock band you had to adapt or lose record sales. So even the biggest of the big tried their hand at it. We've gathered up a few gems and guess what? Disco tinged or not these tunes still rock. So get that white disco suit on, put the pic in that afro and shake, shake, shake, Shake your booty....

Jefferson Starship
Red Octopus

Violins, congas, sax and some serious soft guitars make this a slow dance special. Marty Balin and Grace Slick trade lead vocals on this wonder. Hey baby, what's your sign? Stop sign?? Huh? Oh I get it.....


New York Groove
Ace Frehley
Ace Frehley


Pure discotastic. Is Ace really a disco queen??? Because this jam is frickin crazy. I'm not sure if this is a rock or disco classic. But who cares, it's still great.


Shakedown Street
The Grateful Dead
Shakedown Street

Yup, even The Dead got their dance on, this song is a groovalicious ditty. Bobby and Jerry use those guitars to create a track you could seriously get down to. Tie dyes and platform shoes, we dig it.


The dead even wear all white polyester suits on their next album cover, 1980's Go To Heaven. Travolta would be proud. To get the full disconess, we'll rock the audio for this track.


I Was Made For Loving You

I mean this song just makes me want to shake my grove thang, from the amazing chorus, to the disco driving guitar riffs from Ace, this song is just electric. KC and The Sunshine band can suck it, KISS are the real boogie men.


Rod Stewart
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
Blondes Have More Fun


While the other tunes on this list have some disco elements thrown in there. This song is just flat out disco and it's awesome, from the amazing keyboards, to the absurd lyrics,


Rod captured disco brilliantly in this 4 minute piece of cheese. Unfortunately this was the end of cool Rod and the beginning of craptatsic Rod, that continues to this day


Emotional Rescue
The Rolling Stones
Emotional Rescue

The ultimate disco tinged song and album from the greats. Mick fully embraced his disconess. Charlie and Bill create the swingingest beat this side of Donna Summer and Mick puts a clamp on his nutsack to hit those high notes, but it's the amazingly simple synthisizer that keeps this tune smoking.