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Top 5 Best Elvis's

Like every icon, one needs to change, evolve or risk being left behind, The King was no different. But he was pretty much wicked cool no matter what phase he was in, including fat, sweaty, fried bolagnia eating Elvis

5. 1956 Young Elvis

Elvis popped on the scene and the world went mad, watch as the camera, tries to move away from him when he starts shaking his thang, there will never be a debut, as cool as the king


4. Jailhouse Rock Elvis

Elvis came a long way in 1956 and by the end of the year he was more confident, cool, collected and a movie star, now swing, daddy-o, swing.


3. Karate Elvis

Elvis had pretty much lost his god damn mind by now and was heavy into drugs and entering his fat slob era,  but somehow he really thought he was a kung fu master and even added this insanity to his stage show, it's both crazy and funny as hell


2. Jump Suit Elvis

When Elvis debuted the jumpsuit(with 3 tons of jewels and the sweetest belts this side of the WWE) in the early 70's, he took cool to a new level. I mean the lamp chop side burns alone are sick, but throw in a jumpsuit, you are in another dimension

1. 1968 Comeback Special Elvis

Elvis had been in Hollywood, for all of the 60's making crappy movies, so when he showed up for that legendary TV taping, slim, fit and wearing one kick-ass leather outfit, you knew, the cool was back. He was having fun and sounded awesome. The king reclaimed his throne once again.