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What's a Nugget you ask? A Nugget is a lost treasure, a song that you may not have heard before or in a long, long, time. Either way it's a tasty jam worth trying, so get your pick axe and start digging. Dig It!!! 


Touch and Go

Album-Emerson, Lake & Powell





Well we all know ELP, stands for Emerson, Lake and Palmer and they were prog rock giants in the 70’s, But in the 80’s Keith Emerson and Greg Lake wanted to do another ELP album, but Carl Palmer was busy being the drummer for Asia, so what to do??? Oh I know, let’s find another drummer whose last name starts with P, so we can still call ourselves ELP. WHAT??? Your shitting me??? I shit you not..


Cozy Powell, long time drummer who played with Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Jeff Beck Group and many others was available. So ELP was still intact, they released an album in 1986 called Emerson, Lake and Powell and I’ll be damned they had a kick ass tune, that was actually a hit on MTV. Touch and Go. Only in classic rock….


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